Friday, March 23, 2012

1.4 out to the testers


I just hit send to the play testers on version 1.4 of the rules.  Still a work in progress, but I hope we are getting closer.  Special thanks to those testers that have been active in the feed back.  We might not take 100%, but it is a 100% appreciated.  Keep it rolling.

Here are the big changes...

- Characters are out. Space saver will move to second book if we get one.
- Measuring - From the bridge/point on ship.
- Escort Support - Updated -escorts 1D6+CV vs. Missiles CV - Easier math/quicker play
- Overload - Now provides +2 to Attackers CV. I know it is better to decrease defender, but we couldn't get over the fluff that you overload your own.
- Capital vs. Escort - We took Kaptain Kobolds advise and have added 'Construction Points' that are just CV and Systems to determine the cut line between the classes. Total Points is still the cost to buy into your fleet.
- Doctrine: Assault Craft - Changed to first shot is a free overload.
- Flag Ship - Allows Squadron Orders
- Encrypted Comm Link - Bonus to escorts for Squadron Order.
- Scenarios added
Look forward to the feedback, especially on the scenarios.  

Steve and I sat down on Thursday and ran a game with most of the above changes or had outcomes that created those changes.

I'll try to get a full BatRep, but sufficient to say the Imperium force made the Insurgency question the validity of their actions.  Steve had a bunch of bad activation rolls that really limited his ships from being in the flight while the Assault doctrine went to town...  We had a real hard time measuring from the bridge.  We have been playing from day one with base measurements it was hard to break the habit.


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  1. Hi!
    There was a long time no news on this blog... also no news on the ganesha games site.
    When will "Song of Voids and Stars" be published? In 2013? In which quarter?